I am thrilled that Aaron is running. Out of all the candidates, I feel like his values and views on the issues are most closely aligned with mine – he sees the importance of workforce and affordable housing to keeping the soul of Boulder, sees that well targeted density along transit lines is good for … Continue reading Will Toor

Will Toor

Aaron is currently chair of the Planning Board.  He’s young with small kids and a software guy – what’s not to like?  He’s smart and sharp and I think very reasonable on the complex growth issues before us, as well as a wide range of other very important issues (even if most everything is being … Continue reading Matt Appelbaum

Matt Appelbaum

Aaron is an articulate voice for 15 minute neighborhoods: for creating urban places that people love. He has been the Planning Board Chair for two years. Aaron has a young family and he and his wife own and run their own business. He has a practical approach to nurturing culture and businesses in the community, … Continue reading Macon Cowles

Macon Cowles

Aaron Brockett, twice-elected Planning Board chair, has distinguished himself with a strong leadership style, deftly bringing together disparate factions with clear results. We applaud his focus on inclusivity for families and younger people, supporting cultural and business communities, and addressing climate change.

Better Boulder

Aaron is in many ways a prototypical Boulderite: Computer programmer, Holiday neighborhood homeowner, father, community-minded volunteer. As Chairman of the City’s Planning Board, he has spoken out repeatedly against overreaching no-growth initiatives, such as the proposed building moratorium in 2014. He has shown a determination to speak his mind and argue for moderate, effective solutions … Continue reading Open Boulder

Open Boulder

Aaron Brockett is seeking his first term on Boulder’s city council, but that doesn’t mean this is his first rodeo. Brockett has spent the last five years on the planning board where he has “made some impact on the Future of Boulder,” he said. But looking forward, he wants to spend his time focusing on … Continue reading YellowScene Magazine

YellowScene Magazine

Aaron is one of the nicest, reasonable, and most experienced people I have met running for council. He is younger, has a family, and has served for 5 years on our planning board. He gets how the city works, yet, somehow, he is not ‘bought and paid for.’ He honestly listens to people he disagrees … Continue reading Jason Vogel

Jason Vogel

Aaron is a great guy, a good friend, and I serve on his campaign committee. But even if that were not the case, I’d be thrilled to vote for Aaron. Aaron stands for all the things I believe will move Boulder ahead to continue to be a leading edge city we can all be proud … Continue reading Sue Prant

Sue Prant

In the desire to not dilute my votes for city council, I stand behind just two candidates. Aaron Brockett and [Suzanne] Jones are proven environmental leaders whose goals on council are to make a better community for all of us. (via YellowScene magazine)

Elaine Erb

Aaron Brockett has been my neighbor and community mentor since my husband Dan and I moved eight years ago into Silver Sage Village, across the street from Aaron.  I have experienced Aaron’s thoughtful leadership in the neighborhood as President of the Master Holiday Neighborhood HOA and as a leader in developing our North Boulder Community. … Continue reading Margaret Porter

Margaret Porter