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Campaign Supporters Include:

  • Better Boulder
  • BoCHA, The Boulder Community Housing Association
  • Daily Camera
  • Elephant Journal
  • FIDOS, Friends Interested in Dogs + Open Space
  • Open Boulder
  • Sierra Club
  • South Boulder Creek Action Group
  • yellowscene magazine
  • KC Becker, State Representative
  • Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner
  • Stan Garnett, District Attorney
  • Matt Appelbaum, Boulder Mayor 
  • Macon Cowles, Boulder City Councilperson
  • Suzanne Jones, Boulder City Councilperson
  • George Karakehian, Boulder City Councilperson
  • Tim Plass, Boulder City Councilperson
  • Andrew Shoemaker, Boulder City Councilperson
  • Mary Young, Boulder City Councilperson
  • Linda Shoemaker, CU Regent, Former BVSD Board Chair
  • Laurie Albright, Boulder Valley Board of Education President
  • Sam Fuqua, Boulder Valley Board of Education Member
  • Lesley Smith, Former Boulder Valley Board of Education Member
  • Steve Fenberg, State Senate Candidate, Director of New Era Colorado
  • Claire Levy, Former State Representative
  • Will Toor, Former Boulder Mayor, Former Boulder County Commissioner 
  • Leslie Durgin, Former Boulder Mayor
  • Susan Osborne, Former Boulder Mayor
  • Mark Ruzzin, Former Boulder Mayor, Current BHP Commission Member  
  • Suzy Ageton, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • DeAnne Butterfield, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • Angelique Espinoza, Former Boulder City Councilperson 
  • Gary Myre, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • Françoise Poinsatte, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • Richard Polk, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • Andy Schultheiss, Former Boulder City Councilperson
  • Ken Wilson, Former Boulder City Councilperson 
  • Bryan Bowen, Planning Board Member 
  • John Putnam, Planning Board Member
  • Bill Holicky, Former Planning Board Chair
  • Angela McCormick, BHP Commission Chair 
  • Valerie Soraci, BHP Commission Member 
  • Shelley Dunbar, Open Space Board of Trustees Member
  • Tom Isaacson, Open Space Board of Trustees Chair
  • Kevin Bracy Knight, Open Space Board of Trustees Member
  • Ann Moss, Arts Commission Member
  • Richard Turbiak, Arts Commission Chair
  • Nikhil Mankekar, Human Relations Commission Member
  • Zane Selvans, Transportation Advisory Board Chair
  • Andria Bilich, Transportation Advisory Board Member
  • Daniel Stellar, Transportation Advisory Board Member
  • Masala Housing Co-operative
  • Dennis Arfmann, Civic and Non-Profit Volunteer
  • Nancy Blackwood, Urban Designer, Member of the Executive Committee for the University Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Becky Boone, Political Activist
  • Buzz Burrell, Political Activist
  • Ed Byrne, Political Activist
  • Michelle Estrella, Political Activist
  • Leslie Glustrom, Research Director, Clean Energy Action
  • Clif Harald, Executive Director of the Boulder Economic Council
  • Landon Hilliard, Alternative Transportation Coordinator for BVSD
  • Michael Leccese, Executive Director of ULI Colorado
  • Neil Lurie, President of the Center for ReSource Conservation
  • Deborah Malden, Arts Liaison & Advisor at the Boulder Chamber
  • Lincoln Miller, Executive Director of Boulder Housing Coalition
  • Bob Morehouse, Founder of Vermillion Design, Longtime Civic and Non-Profit Volunteer
  • Elisabeth Patterson, Public Affairs Associate at the Boulder Chamber
  • Dan Powers, Executive Director of Boulder Tomorrow
  • Sue Prant, Executive Director of Community Cycles
  • Steve Welter, Political Chair of Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group
  • Karen Worminghaus, Executive Director of eGo Carshare
  • Bob Yates, City Council Candidate, Civic and Non-Profit Volunteer
Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at aaronboulder@gmail.com
Paid for by Aaron Brockett for City Council, Dale Deegan Treasurer
A copy of our report is filed with the City Clerk of the City of Boulder, Colorado.