About Me

I live in a townhouse in the Holiday Neighborhood with my wife, two children, and two dogs. My daughter, Eliza, is a fourth grader at Jarrow Montessori School, and my son, Jasper, is in seventh grade at Centennial Middle School. My wife, Cherry, and I have been married 15 years and co-own a small computer programming firm called Charon Development. Because of the mixed-use design of Holiday, we are able to have our office across the street from our house.

Cherry, Eliza, Jasper, and Aaron
Cherry, Eliza, Jasper, and Aaron

I graduated from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania with a degree in music. While I haven’t used my degree professionally, I was a choral singer for many years, including eight years with Boulder’s Ars Nova Singers. This experience gave me a passion for culture and the arts.

We moved to Boulder in 2003, attracted by the beauty, family-friendliness, and lifestyle of the town. I started my participation in civic life as the chair of the Holiday Neighborhood HOA. I had that role for almost 10 years and worked during that time to get many successful programs off the ground. They included starting the community garden, creating a neighborhood EcoPass program, and beginning a series of movies in the neighborhood park. Development of the local park was originally on long term-hold because of city financial problems. I helped negotiate a public / private partnership with the city in which the city built the park and the HOA maintained it. This solution enabled the park to be developed years ahead of schedule.

After we moved to Boulder, I closely followed any new development proposals in our area. I went to a number of Planning Board meetings to advocate for human-scaled, high-quality projects that worked well in the context of our neighborhood. After years of neighborhood activism, I applied to become a member of Planning Board and was appointed in 2011.

In my four and half years on the board, including almost two as chair, I have worked to guide new developments into our central commercial areas — downtown and Boulder Junction in particular. I’ve advocated for better bike and pedestrian connections and for simplified, improved building designs. As chair, I’ve worked hard to bring together the different perspectives we have on the board in ways that allow for productive meetings and good decisions.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at aaronboulder@gmail.com
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